Step by Step

Step by Step

We believe that it's rare to know exactly where you want to go until you begin taking the steps to get there. They call it Agile Development in our industry; we just call it common sense. Ideas can always get better, customer bases can always grow, and we're here to support you, step by step, as you scale in vision and size.

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Our Process

We believe the process by which a group approaches software development says a lot about their chances for success. Without a decent process, the best minds and the greatest ideas will still result in poor implementation. Our approach to software development has been refined through almost two decades of work. Communication is crucial, as is recognizing problems early before they’re compounded. In short, we understand how software evolves, and what increases its chances for success. Testing is also central to the way we work…we try to break it first, so that your users never see it break.

What We Do

We develop custom software, primarily on the web and mobile devices, focusing on scalability, adaptability, and simplicity. Projects include web applications for online learning management, mobile web and mobile app creation, content management and distribution, payroll systems, scheduling and auditing of resources, e-commerce, development for embedded devices, creation of web frameworks, distributed installation software, compiler optimizations, GUI tools for rapid application prototyping, and monitoring software for high-traffic sites.

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