Agile Tester

42 Lines is seeking a highly skilled Agile Tester to expand our Online Education platform. Join our successful and growing agile team to help build scalable feature-rich web applications customized to our clients' needs.

Home or coworking space (within two timezones of US/Central time GMT-0600)
Date Posted:
December 2017
Date Closing:
Open until filled
Competitive salary based on experience

The Agile Tester is an integrated member of the development team, and is responsible for planning and executing testing for small changes such as bug fixes, to large changes such as new features ors even new product lines.

Required Skills

  • Highly Observant, Analytical, and Probing - It's second-nature for you to notice things like formatting issues on web pages, think about boundary value analysis and input validation when completing online forms, and to try to find bugs in applications you personally use.
  • Agile - You have experience as a tester on an agile team. You are comfortable being an integrated member of the development team and collaborating with the team during story review, test planning, development, and testing.
  • Passionate about Testing - You read testing blogs, articles, books, etc. to learn more about your craft. You want to improve your own skills and your team's testing process, and try new approaches and tools when doing so will help you and the team improve your work.

Job Details

  • Collaborate with team members to write acceptance tests.
  • Review story documentation to identify testing approaches, testing tasks and estimates, and automated test coverage.
  • Collaborate with developers to discuss test plans/approach and developer test coverage.
  • Execute testing according to test plans.
  • Document bugs and verify bug fixes.
  • Perform exploratory testing.
  • Determine test approaches for new features and bug fixes, and create test plans.
  • Test web applications and their components; some with and some without a GUI.
  • Identify test data and confirm testing results using SQL.
  • Test applications targeted for mobile devices.

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