Agile Project Manager

42 Lines is seeking an experienced Project Manager to manage resources for our growing portfolio of custom educational technology software projects.

The Project Manager will be responsible for managing the processes of resource allocation, estimation, scheduling, prioritization, projection, budgeting, and risk management for our multi-client, multi-project agile web application development team. You will also be responsible for making these processes visible to stakeholders through reports.

Join our highly successful and growing agile team to help build scalable feature-rich web applications customized to our clients' needs. Our current work is focused on the creation of custom learning management systems.

Home or coworking space (within two timezones of US/Central time GMT-0600)
Date Posted:
April 2018
Date Closing:
Open until filled
Competitive salary based on experience

Required Skills & Qualifications

  • Experienced Agile Project Manager - You have successfully created visibility around schedules and resource allocation for an agile software engineering team. You are familiar with multiple Agile methodologies and understand how to adapt Agile practices to unique situations.
  • Multi-Client/Multi-Project Experience - Our company at any given time serves several clients each with its own unique custom product. All our clients share a pool of staff resources. The primary task for our project manager is to assist the Product Managers for each client in assigning our available staff to projects, tracking the progress of work, projecting project completion schedules, and assessing the effects of changes in priority, assignment, and scope. You will help make the timeline for each client visible and use that visibility to help inform our business decisions regarding prioritization and capacity planning.
  • Web Application Oriented - The best fit for our company will be someone who has worked with web application development teams in the past. You're familiar with terms like request, response, AJAX, responsive design, browser compatability, browser-side vs. server-side code, etc. We don't need you to be a software engineer, but we need you to be able to have a good mental model for our fast paced technical conversations.
  • Collaborative Leader - You lead by providing value to the process. People follow your leadership because they trust that you seek to maximize their contribution. You proactively seek input about the processes you run and adjust accordingly.

  • Highly Analytical - You can break a big problem into smaller problems. You use data to inform your decisions. You seek to understand the root causes of problems and the underlying business purpose of requests. You dig beneath the surface to learn how things really work.
  • Organized and Detail Oriented - You can keep track of several threads at once, without losing the details. You notice edge cases, documented or otherwise, and proactively address them. You are self-managing. You methodically check your assumptions and your work for correctness.
  • Passionate About Project Management - You follow blogs, books, podcasts, and/or conferences related to agile project management. You have ideas and approaches you'd like to explore with our multi-project multi-client agile team.

Additional Skills

These qualifications are desirable but not required. If you have any of this experience please highlight it in your cover letter.

  • Experience with Educational Technology - Our company focuses on developing custom applications with an EdTech focus (Learning Management Systems) for the K-12, higher education, and professional markets.
  • Product Management Experience - While this is not a product management role, you will be working closely with several product managers. It would be helpful if you have experience of that aspect of agile process and client relations.
  • Atlassian JIRA - We expect you've worked with some kind of ticketing system. Bonus points if you've worked with Atlassian JIRA's customizable workflows.
  • Spreadsheet Formulas - We often model new business processes, proposals for new work, or ad-hoc reports using spreadsheets (Google Sheets) with formulas.
  • Agile Experience Beyond Scrum - While familiarity with Scrum is valuable, we do not use a Scrum process. Our process is currently somewhere between Kanban and iterative waterfall (we are working to reduce the amount of up-front design). We need a project manager who can adapt to changing and hybrid agile methodologies.

Job Details

Your primary work will be maintaining an up to date company-wide roadmap of estimated, prioritized, and projected tasks and to help all stakeholders prepare for and understand the impact of events such as taking on new clients, hiring new staff, re-assigning work tasks, re-prioritizing work tasks, changing staff velocity, misestimation, scope change, etc. While we assign a Product Manager to each client and each of our Departments has a Manager, the Project Manager will be the point person for the cross-department and cross-client view of the company's resource allocations.

You will report to the Process Engineering and Research Lead who in turn reports to the company owners. You will use tools and methods developed in coordination with your manager and will be assisted in day to day work by the Project Management Assistant. You will work with our Business Analysts/Product Owners to coordinate company-wide work in service of our clients' needs and expectations.

  • Prioritization - You will work with our Business Analysts and sometimes directly with clients to maintain awareness of changing priorities and ensure that those priorities are reflected correctly in our JIRA ticketing system.
  • Estimation - You will coordinate estimation processes for various stages of our workflow and use the results of those estimates to maintain projections of task completion.
  • Resource Allocation - You will work with departmental managers and product owners to optimize task assignments.
  • Projection and Milestones - You will maintain projections and track milestones. You will alert the relevant parties when milestones are in danger and take action to mitigate any risks.
  • Budgeting - You will assist the Business Analysts in the budgeting process for new clients, ensuring that they are using the latest estimation assumptions and sanity checking their plan against our past performance. You will track our ongoing work against existing budgets and alert the relevant parties when budget targets are in danger and take action to mitigate any risks.
  • Visibility - You will ensure that the budget targets, milestones, roadmap, assignments, and schedule for the projects are visible to the entire company. You will raise awareness of any notable anomalies in any of these reports.
  • Risk Management - You will identify risks and work with the relevant parties to mitigate them. This includes budget (estimation and velocity), schedule (assignment and prioritization), quality (scope changes), resource availability (effect of vacation plans and illness), and reputational risks (mis-communication with clients).

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