Requirements Analyst - Business Analyst

42 Lines seeking a highly skilled Requirements/Business Analyst to work on education tools.

Join our highly successful agile team to help translate our Clients' needs into detailed specifications for our feature-rich web applications. Our current work is focused on the creation of education technology to support many different areas of education.

Home or co-working space (within two time zones of US/Central time GMT-0600)
Date Posted:
September 2018
Date Closing:
Open until filled
Competitive salary based on experience

Are you...

  • a great communicator - Above all, this role is about actively listening to our Clients' needs and translating them into detailed specifications which can then in turn be validated by the client. You will bridge the gap between the uncertain and ambiguous client and the detail-oriented engineers.
  • highly analytical - You will need to suss out all the edge cases and subtle implications of seemingly simple client requests. You will bring strong strategic thinking and problem solving skills to bear in order to ensure that assumptions are made explicit.
  • agile - You are able to work in an environment where, rather than doing Big Design Up Front, you are constantly collaborating with the client to refine requirements, even as engineers are implementing them. We bite off small chunks of work, define them to the best of our ability, and constantly iterate with the client to refine our understanding of what they want. We are constantly refining our processes in order to achieve extremely ambitious delivery schedules.
  • creative - You have a designer's mindset. You see the big picture. You are able to suggest novel solutions to tricky problems. You are able to help the client see better solutions to their problems than they ever thought of.
  • organized and detail oriented - You can bring structure to ad-hoc information. You can keep track of several threads at once, without losing the details. You can transform ideas into plans.
  • familiar with modeling - You know something about database schemas and process modeling. You are able to translate requirements into concise visual representations.

You Will...

  • work with our Clients to understand their business processes and software requirements.
  • work with our Product Owners to add detail to our agile story specifications.
  • work with our Developers to provide detailed analysis of the impact of new features on existing implementations.
  • work with our Designer to maximize user experience and streamline business process in UI designs.
  • work with our Project Manager to optimize internal processes for handling customer requirements.

We Are...

  • agile - Always adapting to the rapidly changing requirements of our industry and our clients.
  • distributed - We work together from our homes, we live in 9 different states in 4 different time zones.
  • experts - Members of our team have extensive experience in their fields, many have come to us from major players in the web world.
  • streamlined - We're constantly improving our process, our employees are trusted and empowered, we aren't bureaucratic and we are constantly improving our processes.
  • learning - We know that our most valuable asset is our employee's skills, we strongly support ongoing professional development through conferences and internal peer-based training.
  • scalable - We're growing quickly and we're ready for it. Every year we output more features, hire more employees, and build more capabilities into our team.
  • relaxed - We honor the work/life balance, we work reasonable hours, we don't set arbitrary deadlines.

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