Harmonize - A Better Discussion for Canvas

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Harmonize is our next-generation, LTI-compliant discussion platform that enhances student engagement while seamlessly integrating into Canvas.

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Enhancing Online Discussion

Classroom discussion is an essential part of the academic experience. Students engage with one another, share new concepts and ideas, and teachers facilitate and encourage students with outside materials.

Too many online discussions fall short of the on-campus experience because online discussion tools fail to keep up with the expectations of today's students.

64% Increased Engagement

Harmonize has been proven to increase student engagement up to 64% over traditional discussion tools and increase engagement beyond the due dates of assignments.

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Use Harmonize Everywhere

Students and teachers can follow new activity and responses to their posts on any device. We designed Harmonize with a sleek, intuitive mobile interface, so students can be "in class" no matter where they are.

Getting Technology Out of the Way

Taking design cues from popular social media platforms, Harmonize has a familiar interface that enables students to communicate with each other in new and dynamic ways. Structured posting allows teachers and students to focus on their content without stressing over layout.

Security and Data Protection

Security of customer data is a top priority. Data is never shared with any other services and is used only within Harmonize.

Don't Worry, We've Got Your Back

Harmonize saves student and instructor work in the background so your users can switch devices seamlessly without losing progress or time.

Multimedia Done Right

Prepare yourself for a richer discussion limited only by your students' imaginations. Upload multiple files of any type directly within posts, annotate posts, record audio and video on the fly with HTML5 and much more.

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