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Delivering excellence and agility to accelerate your time to market

Get everything you need while you scale in size and vision. Our support includes seamless automation, efficiency, security, and maintainability for most applications, workloads, and server environments. We’re always excited to help clients reach goals!

1_Delivering excellence and agility to accelerate your time to market

Premier U.S.-Based Service

Our team of 50+ US-based, senior-level experts are accustomed to long-term partnerships, working with you to transform your business.


Tailored, cost-effective solutions

Using a full range of cost-effective, white-glove DevOps services, we tailor your solution to meet your specific needs.


Industry-Leading Tech

We use the industry’s best technologies, including AWS, Prometheus, Grafana, Elasticsearch, Terraform, Ansible, Docker, Jenkins.

2_We plan, deploy, monitor, and support

Consistent Reliability and Increased Stability

Our experts are adept at working rapidly and accurately, and our apps deliver consistent reliability and increased stability.


Increased Agility and Efficiency

As you grow, our team helps to accelerate your development cycle by driving productivity and minimizing costs.


Services We Provide

Premier tech consultation as you scale in size and vision.

Cloud Op Migration
Cloud Optimization and Migration
We can boost the efficiency of your current cloud environment or create a personalized cloud migration strategy.
Rapid Delivery
Rapid App Delivery
Our team provides fast application delivery without sacrificing quality.
Agile Development
Agile Development
Speed up the software release cycle with agile development between teams.
Stress-Free Integration
Our team U.S.-based experts seamlessly integrates into your processes.

Deploy code fast and frequently

Our senior-level experts use their decades of experience to automate code rollout and reduce the risk of human error.

7_Deploy code fast and frequently

Resolve technology issues quickly

Using our fine-tuned collaborative process, we get alerts about issues as they arise so we can resolve them instantly.

8_Resolve technology issues quickly

Get ahead using the cloud

Our proven approach and processes make the most of automation to keep up with any new demands.

Get Ahead Using Cloud

Ongoing Support

We support your organization by providing automation, efficiency, security, and maintainability to virtually all applications, workloads, and server environments.

Team Mentoring
Team Mentoring
We help your team simplify complex projects, provide ongoing training, and acclimate to any new technologies.
24/7 Tracking and Monitoring
We can closely track application health, automate the observability of IT operations, and troubleshoot issues.
Easy Automation
Smooth automation for applications, workloads, and server environments.
Comprehensive Security
We infuse security into every step of the software development lifecycle.
Business Strategy
Business Continuity Strategy
We help you create a flexible strategy that includes data protection, disaster recovery procedures, and fully-managed backup services.

42 Lines has been a key partner for our system administration and software development needs for many years. Their transition of our key systems to the Amazon Cloud proved to be a painless and reliable process that provided use with the safety net we very much needed. I am continually impressed by 42 Lines dedication to our success and well-being.

Chris Lefferts - CIO of Academy of Art University

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